Create your own story of “Competition”

The “Don’t cheat. Compete” Advocacy Contest, co-organised by the Competition Commission (the Commission) and the Education Bureau, offers a great opportunity for Form 4 and 5 (or equivalent) students, under their teachers’ guidance, to unleash their creativity and develop original works conveying their perspectives on the benefits of competition law. The contest encourages participating students to deepen their understanding of the value of competition as well as the key elements of the Competition Ordinance (the Ordinance). An early grasp of the topic helps broaden students’ scope and sharpen their critical thinking before they advance to tertiary education. Making the right judgment concerning fair competition is also crucial in their future careers.

With compelling storytelling and creative presentations, the contestants will articulate their thorough understanding of the value of competition and how the Ordinance ensures a level-playing field for the benefits of businesses and consumers alike.

The contest welcomes submissions in various formats, namely story writing, comic drawing, animation and video. Apart from the prizes, winning pieces will also be published on the websites of the Commission and the Young Post.

Don’t wait. Get your creative juices flowing and showcase your diverse talents to compete for top honours!

About the Competition Commission

The Competition Commission is an independent statutory body established under the Competition Ordinance (Cap. 619). The Ordinance was enacted in June 2012 and fully implemented on 14 December 2015. The Commission is committed to promoting a competitive environment that is conducive to a free flow of trade, efficiency and innovation, bringing more choices, better quality and prices of goods and services to consumers in Hong Kong.